Waterprint.lt technology is known in many countries as hydrographic. Film image is conveyed with water on various surfaces. This technology provides opportunity for consumers to create surplus value, beauty and style, or to apply any object to the environment. Covered details can be from metal, plastic, wood, glass or ceramic. In the world this technology is used in various industries such as car, motorcycle, furniture, plumbing, computer, shipbuilding, household appliances, sports, weapons, military munitions and many other industries. Films texture is wide – that is carbon fiber, wood, metal, camouflage, animal skin, marble and other… Of course, everybody turned attention to the luxury cars decorative trim elements, which imitate luxurious wood, carbon fiber or aluminum. That was a question, how these complex details are made. This question inspired “WaterPrint.lt” founders to start the search in 2011. It was established that this process was found in Japan in 1980 and was widely used various industries. Now this technology is used all over the world. The quality of this technology meets or exceeds the standards and requirements in car production, shipbuilding and military industries. WaterPrint.lt was established in Lithuania in 2012. To date the company gained customers confidence. The company works successfully and improves constantly. WaterPrint.lt is a team, which was formed to help you how to create beauty, style and surplus value. We provide services in time and high quality. We are open to innovations, realization of customers various needs, we seek for mutual useful and long-term cooperation. Call or e-mail us to ask any questions. We will advise and recommend the most optimal option.

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