1. What is WaterPrint.lt technology?

This is technology when any surface you want is covered with special film using water.

2. Where is used this technology?

This technology is used in many cars, motorcycles, airplanes, yachts decorations, also in
bicycles, weapons, glass, furniture industries and sports.

3. What kind of things can be printed on?

Most any 3-D shape of wood, metal, plastic, glass, ceramics.

4. What is the selection of the films?
There are more than 1000 varieties of the films. Wide range – this is a guarantee that right film
will be selected according to your needs. For e.g. wood imitation, marble, snake skin, metal,
carbon fibre, water drops, camouflage and other.

5. What is the price of this technology if you want to plaster desired detail?

The price of pasting is calculated individually for each detail differently because it depends on
the preparation, choice of paint and glue complexity.

6. What are the benefits of this film?

You can decorate your desired surface, it is resistant to UV rays, it keeps the high-pressure washing,
vibrations, high and low temperature (-45 C to 150 C). The maintenance is the same as the paint; it is
original and unique detail.